Validation for the kitty krew foo'!

2008-01-22 17:48:46 by Dizeaze

I have to do this shit so I can join :(



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2008-01-22 18:20:39

OH YAA! :)



2008-01-26 17:15:52

wow is like a million times more addicting
i know lot of people who play it.
if it was free i'd probly be playing it too. xD
but there are some pretty good private
servers. but there not as fun as the normal
world of warcraft. thanks for wewbsite too.


2008-01-26 17:17:45

and the items for NX on maple story are
way over priced i don't see why everyone
buys them, like a shirt can be 3,400 NX points
and thatd be $3.40 just for a shirt on maplestory.
i dont get how i got so addicted and bought nx
stufff, lol it was a waste of money big time.