A New Flash Movie/Series (maybe a series)

2008-02-06 21:21:00 by Dizeaze

Well. I'm thinking of making a new series. This time I wanna spend like, a month, working on it....
I'll post a screenshot (im typing this as I draw) when I get a real nice frame

A New Flash Movie/Series (maybe a series)


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2008-02-07 20:07:44

Good luck.

Dizeaze responds:


i needed it [still i epic phailed]


2008-04-24 01:17:29

awesome but what is the name of the series??

Dizeaze responds:

it was supposed to be called Holy F*** (no joke) but then I screwed up for the 6th time and i practically started breaking shit...

SOOOOOO anyway I'm back now